Galvalock™ Products

Galvalock™ Soffit and Fascia and Galvalock™ Gable End Trim are each a single piece of revolutionary, easy to install, Galvalume steel product that adds incredible strength to your roof. It is wind, water, snow, fire and rodent resistant. It provides the installer with a quick and easy install while ensuring the owner a longer soffit and fascia life with less maintenance, frustration and expense.

Galvalock™ is made from recycled materials and is recyclable at the end of its very long life. This product is proudly made in the USA by American workers using American steel.

Galvalock™ is produced in a 24" soffit size and can be easily sized to as little as 6" with our field modification equipment that is truck mounted. The product is currently being produced in 10' length panels and custom orders will be accepted at a higher rate per foot.

See the Difference...

The illustration above shows the Galvalock™ eaves cross section and a one-piece soffit and fascia panel fastened to the rafters and the wall studs. The top nailer portion of this panel encapsulates the roof edge and up to 6" under the existing or new roof-covering materials. This application eliminates wind and water penetration as well as limiting fire ember access to the attic. The vent is normally a vulnerable area for fire access due to the wide slits and/or flimsy nature of some of the vents but with our micro-vents, it is much more difficult for embers or rodents to access the attic through the soffits.

Gone are the six pieces needed to custom create traditional soffit and fascia from wood products on site which requires extra man hours to install, extra supplies to purchase and inventory coupled with the extra time and effort to construct the soffit and fascia from scratch. The structure owner will incur maintenance costs 2-3 additional times more using this traditional method.
In this illustration, you can see the drip edge (a small piece of galvanized tin around the edges of the roof line). This drip edge is designed to help protect the roof edges from water penetration but is easily bent and torn away by winds from storms or high, straight-line winds. Once the drip edge is gone, the roof decking is completely exposed to the elements. The traditional construction of Soffit/Fascia calls for six separate pieces to create the soffit and fascia: 2x2 block nailer, Soffit board, Soffit vents, Fascia board, Fascia cover and Drip edge. The soffit vents are an area of concern because of the way they are constructed. In most cases, large holes are cut into the soffit panel and metal screens are stapled over the holes. Time, strong winds and water damage weaken the vents hold and provide easy access to the attic for rodents and bats which can lead to more expense and aggravation. In traditional construction, all areas must be caulked on a regular basis to slow deterioration but this is quite often a forgotten task. Wet and rotting wood can be a breeding ground for mold.

Galvalock™ Products are Corrosion Resistant

Composition and Materials:
Galvalume is a corrosion resistant aluminum-zinc alloy applied on steel by a continuous hot dip process. The nominal composition of the coating is 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon. Galvalume is the trade name for this patented sheet steel product. The alloy coating of aluminum and zinc combines the best properties of both metals. It has the corrosion resistance and heat reflectivity characteristic of aluminum coatings, with the formability and galvanic protection of cut edges characteristic of zinc coatings.

Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance:
Based on 30-year atmospheric corrosion R&D tests, it is estimated that Galvalume sheet will outlast G90 galvanized by two to four times in marine, industrial and rural atmospheres. Galvalume panels are still rust-free after 30 years in all but the severe marine environment. The estimated life of the 55% Al-Zn coating (years to first rust) based on these 30-years tests ranges from 14 years to 40 or more years according to

Market and Product Lifecycle:
As history continues to dictate that we live in individual houses, there will be a need for this product. Galvalock™ can be used for single and multi-family residential, schools and institutions, and commercial applications. Galvalock™ has a long product lifecycle from 40 to 100 years.

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