Frequently Asked Questions

A soffit is the flat under panel of your roof edges - the part that over hangs your side walls - it usually has vents that get air to your attic and may go all the way around your house or just on the sides. If you are standing next to the side of your house, just look up.
A fascia is the area where the rafter tails end. This area is made up of the fascia board and a trim piece on the top edge. At the top of this trim piece is where the drip edge is located.
Galvalock™ fastens to the rafters on your roof, completely covers the roof edges, forms the fascia and soffit and then fastens to the side walls. All one piece of steel giving you that added strength to protect you from damaging winds and rain.
Yes. Galvalock™ is made in a 24" soffit width and is easily cut to sizes below that to fit any soffit you have. Larger sizes can be custom made.
Galvalock™ is made of steel and is fire resistant. It has micro vents that significantly reduce ember access to the attic unlike traditional soffit vents that are made of wood and have wide slotted or flimsy vents.
High winds can tear off the roof and decking leaving the home or business with lost roof damage and to the owner and insurance company, a costly repair bill. Due to repetitive exposure to hurricanes, tornadoes and straight-line winds from thunderstorms, some home or business owners may replace their soffit, fascia, gable end trim, roof decks and roofs 5 times over the course of 50 years. With Galvalock™, you protect your roof structure and increase your chances of saving the cost of replacing your roof after high winds.
Yes. Galvalock offers additional benefits to homeowners in wind prone areas, but the durability benefits everyone. Wind and rain can still quickly rot the soffit and fascia of any home. Galvalock™ practically eliminates the need to replace that portion of your roof due to rot and normal degradation.
Pricing for Galvalock™ materials and installation is similar to the pricing of traditional wood materials.
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